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1   Mailing Date

Mailing date of the statement

2   Roll Number

Property Identification Number

3   Property Address

Location of where the property is located. This will be the civic address.

4   Registered Owner(s)

A list of names of the registered owner(s) of the property.

5   Title/Deed

Certificate of title number register at Winnipeg Land Titles Office.

6   Legal Description

This is the legal description of the property

7   Property Value Table

This table will show the assessed value by status codes as well as property class. This table may also include pre-designated and incremental values associated with the Community Revitalization Tax Incremental Financing Act.

8   Important Messages

This section contains contact information for the City of Winnipeg as well as the private user id used for the registered owner to access a secure website to view their assessment information.

9   Notice of Appeal to the Board of Revision

This section will provide you with a final date for an appeal application to be filed along with the appeal application fee, as well as where to file the appeal application.